Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners

I dabbled in all kinds of meditation for many years. I also stopped and started depending on what was going on in my life. In the end I was running around in circles trying this and that with absolutely no consistency and ended up giving up. I put it in the too hard basket for a long time. I ended up not getting any benefits at all.

It took a serious life-threatening illness for me to wake up and start doing the real work. It is not enough to have a great intention, to want to have a meditation practice, to want to have a mindfulness practice, to want to be a better listener, or even just a better person. If you want to be a better person you need to do the work. In my experience, you actually need to have a regular mindful practice. Examples of a dedicated practice are having a regular daily mindfulness session—journal writing and walking meditations. This is something that I share with all my students. I also make it SUPER EASY to be started!

Wha’ts all the fuss about ….Mindfulness Meditation?

Taking things to the next level is to be able to bring those qualities that we are cultivating in our sitting practice, into our daily lives. This is the beautiful gift that you can bring to yourself and the folks around you. Practicing things like curiosity, paying attention in maybe a different way than we might normally. It is not just about focus, it is also about opening awareness, and opening to the quality of what our attention is. By doing this we learn the most amazing things about ourselves and others.

These days I am extremely passionate about teaching others not to “just dabble” and make the same mistake that I did and suffer from burnout. I teach corporates and, in the community, how to lead a magnificent mindful life. Learn to manage your stress before it manages you, improve your ability to Learn to improve your ability to focus, become more productive, improve your communication skills and relationships with others, these are just a few of the amazing gifts that are available to you if you do the work with a regular mindfulness meditation practice.

It is never too late to get started. For more information on Mindfulness for Beginners classes for corporates, adults and kids visit: www.mindbodyenergy.com.au.