MAP Method™ Coaching


Break free from fear. Rewire your brain. Heal from past traumas.

  • Are you always stressed and anxious?
  • Do you find it hard to relax and switch off?
  • Are you worried that you’re not good enough to be successful?
  • Do you lack confidence and are plagued by self-doubt?
  • Are you struggling with relationships?

The MAP Method™ is a unique approach to completely resolving trauma in a gentle, non-invasive way. This breakthrough technique allows us to rewire memories – even the ones created in childhood – by training the brain to find negative memories, thoughts and patterns and then neutralise them. Learn how to calm your nervous system and self-regulate quickly and easily. Reach your full potential and stop self-sabotaging behaviours for good.



How and why was the MAP Method™ created?

Having worked in psychotherapy for over 30 years, Colette Streicher was looking for an easier, faster, gentler and more effective way to reach deep into the unconscious mind.
She was frustrated by the limitations of techniques like EFT, BodyTalk, Resonance Repatterning, etc. to effectively address deeply anchored and complex success blocks. After relentless research, she looked into ‘Process Healing’ by Dr. Garry A. Flint which deeply resonated with her. Streicher contacted him and asked him to be her mentor.
Together with her son Valentin Streicher, they simplified, systemised and added a large amount of material to Flint’s foundational idea. They hypothesised that once someone can reach into every memory since conception and into the quantum field, then all possibilities of healing are available. The result was Make Anything Possible™ or MAP.
After thousands of hours of sessions and a high success rate (97%), they started training professional coaches, therapists, healers and medical doctors in the MAP Method™.

What are the Conscious, Subconscious and SuperConscious?

Simply put, these are the three different levels at which the mind operates.
The Conscious mind are thoughts and memories that you are conscious of and remember. This is roughly 5% of our minds.
The Subconscious/Unconscious mind is where all the memories, beliefs and emotions that have been recorded since your conception are stored. It is believed that it controls 95% of our daily behaviours and thoughts.
The SuperConscious mind has access to both the Conscious and Subconscious mind. It can find any memories and, when trained, it can actually neutralise/heal them on command and initiate self-healing in the mind.

What are the benefits of using the MAP Method™?

  • MAP is gentle and relaxing. You simply close your eyes and observe your mind and body shift.
  • It feels safe and non-invasive. You do not need to remember or share past trauma if you don’t wish to.
  • The processing is fast. All it takes is a few minutes to measure progress and healing.
  • You are the one in control. The results do not depend on the coach or therapist.
  • The results are long-lasting. Once the memories are cleared and rewired, the effect is permanent and empowering.

What happens during the sessions?

Before your first session, you will be required to watch a 15-minute video to begin training your brain. Your introductory one-on-one session will last for 45-60 minutes. This is usually followed by my 6-week Emotional Mastery program. However, I will tailor the program to what you need and what works for you.

What is my role during the session?

All you need to do is call to mind the issue that is of concern and observe how it makes you feel. I will give you instructions to find and heal the memory. While this is happening, you simply observe any changes that happen. You will be in a relaxed, mindful state. After a few minutes, you will report the progress of what has changed in both your body and mind. The MAP Method™ is easy and simple to follow with outstanding results.

Is the MAP Method™ safe?

As a MAP coach, I have gone through extensive training to learn the MAP Protocol and how to use it with individual clients and groups. I am there to facilitate your self-healing; I do not need to know intimate details of your life. I am trained to find out the fastest and most effective way to address your issue using the MAP Protocol. I will give you commands when needed and ask for feedback. I will also teach you how to give yourself simple and effective instructions to manage your own daily stresses outside of your sessions. We call this ‘MAP On the Go’.

Why can you clear a block so fast? For how long does it remain cleared?

Blocks are memories that have led to behaviours that are not to your advantage. Neuroscience tells us that memories can change fast and we use this to your advantage with the MAP Method™. Once the memory has been disconnected from the negative emotion, it doesn’t affect your behaviour anymore. The result is long-lasting; once you begin reacting differently to your experiences, you will create new memories reinforcing the change.

Neutralise Your Negative Thoughts Quickly and Gently.

Unlike many other modalities, MAP enables the brain to focus on ease and comfort rather than dwelling in debilitating emotional states. These are some of the issues that can be resolved using the MAP Method™.

  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Anger, shame, grief and guilt
  • Cravings and health challenges
  • Fears and phobias
  • Self-confidence and self-worth
  • Beliefs around money
  • Childhood conditioning and trauma


Are you ready to live the life you really want? It’s time to experience everything that life has to offer you?

As your MAP Coach, I will access your trauma and long-term negative memories gently and compassionately so that you can begin the healing process. MAP empowers you to move forward by returning your mind to a healthy and whole state. It neutralises fear, dissolves limiting beliefs and stops self-sabotaging behaviour.

Want to find out more about The MAP Method™? Wondering if it is suitable for you? Schedule a free, no-obligation 20-minute call via Zoom now!

Subliminal Audio Downloads

Goal Mastery Subliminal - MP3

Reprogram your brain to become unstoppable and achieve your dreams.

Achieving our goals leads to greater fulfilment in our personal and professional lives. Listen to this subliminal and set yourself up for real success-Become Unstoppable!

  • Learn to change your mindset and unlock your true potential.
  • Cultivate self-reliance, personal power and maintain all the motivation required for you to succeed in achieving your goals.
  • Release the unnecessary factors that are holding you back.
  • Overcome your own self sabotaging beliefs and thoughts and propel yourself forward to create the life you’ve always wanted.


Emotional Mastery Subliminal - MP3

Reclaim your path to Joy & Happiness.

Emotions can determine the quality of our lives. It’s time to release any trapped emotions in your life for your own health and happiness. Take control and listen to this subliminal and start to open yourself to positive change and fulfilment.

  • Replace negative emotions with positive ones.
  • Interrupt your current negative emotional patterns and replace them with positive empowering patterns.
  • Deepen your own emotional intelligence and improve your interpersonal relationships.
  • Build your own confidence and self-esteem.
  • Get unstuck and create a life of emotional freedom.


Money Mindset Subliminal - MP3

Unlock Your Money Mindset and Embrace Abundance.

Navigating our intricate relationship with money can be challenging. It’s a delicate balance of emotions, beliefs, and behaviours that profoundly impact our financial well-being. Our revolutionary subliminal program offers a transformative journey towards financial empowerment.

  • Bid farewell to self-sabotaging patterns that hinder your financial growth.
  • Transform your ingrained beliefs about money.
  • Let go of the burdens of past financial struggles and embrace a brighter financial future.
  • Rekindle your innate sense of worthiness and confidence in relationship with money.


Conquer Cravings Subliminal - MP3

Break Free Emotional Eating and Conquer Cravings.

Are you tired of grappling with emotional eating and the unrelenting pull of cravings? Explore the transformative advantages of our subliminal program, meticulously designed to empower your journey toward enhanced health and overall well-being:

  • Break the Cycle: Say goodbye to the perpetual cycle of emotional eating and foster the healing of your triggers.
  • Cravings Mastery: Gain command over unhealthy food cravings with the bolstering influence of subliminal messages, paving the way for healthier choices.
  • Enhance Emotional Resilience: Cultivate greater resilience and healthier coping mechanisms, diminishing the need for comfort eating.
  • Habit Transformation: Effortlessly reshape your eating habits with the aid of subliminal suggestions, facilitating the adoption of more nourishing choices.


Alleviate Anxiety Subliminal - MP3

Alleviate Your Anxiety.

Are you suffering from anxiety? We understand the struggle, which is why we’ve developed a powerful, neuroscience-based subliminal program to help you manage it. Regain control and find peace with our transformative solution.

  • Embrace tranquillity and regain control with our empowering subliminal program for mastering anxiety.
  • Unlock inner peace as subliminal messages gently guide your mind towards calmness and confidence.
  • Break free from the grip of anxiety and step into a life of serenity.
  • Find a path to lasting relief, enabling you to face life’s challenges with unwavering composure.


Client Testimonials


Let me begin by saying that the MAP Method Coaching is profound. Alison guided me though several MAP sessions and they were simply sublime. I was introduced to my Superconscious and embarked upon a journey of powerful healing. I found after just a few sessions an amazing sense of lasting calm. I can only highly recommend Alison Hutchens as a gentle, caring and highly experienced MAP coach for the journey of self-healing.

Cristopher Maait


Emotional Mastery MAP sessions with Alison have been life changing. I used to be very emotionally reactive. I am now much calmer and peaceful. Immerse yourself in a few sessions and feel the difference it makes.

Suzanna Tombs


I found MAP sessions very helpful for healing my past traumas .I no longer have the same patterns in my life. I feel like a different person.

Caroline Petrie


I did the “Goal Mastery” Map program with Alison, and it really helped me stick to my goals and believe in myself again .I have ticked so many boxes in just 3months.I am feeling more empowered and confident since starting the MAP coaching with Alison.

Michelle Noakes


I have had a lot of trauma in my life and now I am able to believe in myself again and set health boundaries. I love this work.

Sandra Sims


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