Working From Home Mindfully

1. Tune into the breath.

The breath is amazingly powerful. Try taking in a few deep slow breaths. Unclench your jaw and relax your shoulders. Breathe out slowly. Sometimes we do not realise where and where in our bodies we are holding tension. By incorporating some mindful breathing moments into the day, we can increase our productivity, find it easier to relax after a day’s work and feel more motivated throughout our workday.

2.De-clutter your workspace.

Put away things on your desk and organise it in a way that is conducive to a smoother workday. Instead of starring at piles of paper, just taking ten minutes at the end of each day to file documents in the right place will ensure that you start the next day in calm manner.

3.Do a ten-minute simple movement exercise routine in the morning before breakfast.

Taking just ten minutes to wake your body up can change how you view the rest of your day. Shaking off the sleepiness and getting your blood flowing will give you a burst of energy that you can ride through the morning on, making you more productive and focused. It will also give you a chance to connect with yourself and take a little time to reflect and check in with yourself before the day begins.

4.Incorporate a mindfulness meditation into your day.

Taking just a few minutes to switch off and disconnect from the demands of the world can get you right back on track. I have a range of Mindfulness Meditations for you to choose from depending on your mood on Insight Timer. They are all around 8-10 minutes long: Meditations by Alison Hutchens on Insight Timer

5.Organise your calendar and all your MUST do tasks first thing in the morning.

If you approach your day being disorganised, going from this to that, you will probably find it hard to get things done. By starting your day with a quick self-check list about what you want to achieve with this day can bring order and direction. I always do the challenging things first. There is always a sense of accomplishment when they are completed. TIP: Make sure your goals and tasks are realistic!

6. Escape into nature.

Get out into nature for a few minutes every day. Not only does being outside have the benefit of waking us up with fresh air, but it can also help establish a regular sleeping pattern.

7.Do a “Body Scan”.

Body Scans throughout the day can put us back in touch with our bodies and are a quick and easy way to take a moment for yourself at your desk. They can help you relax. We learn to pay close attention to the areas where there is tension or unease in the body. Breathe into those spaces, slowly and gently releasing them. Move up and down your body, giving each specific part the time, it needs to relax. You can find my Body Scan Recording here: The Relaxing Body Scan by Alison Hutchens

8. Do something fun and creative.

You could draw, paint, read a book, do some mindful colouring in. Be kind to yourself and give your brain an outlet to disconnect from the demands made of it during your work hours. Allowing you brain to move away from the analytical side that is usually engaged during the day to the creative side can be a release for the stresses that can surround you in work.

9.Keep a journal.

Keeping a journal allows you to release your thoughts and emotions on to paper. They may be scattered. They may not be logical. The good thing is that they no longer clog up your brain waiting for you to make sense of them. Writing in a journal is like moving all the garbage out of your head. It can be very liberating. If you find it hard to meditate writing in a journal may be a brilliant alternative for you.

Being mindful with how we go about things in our daily lives can help us change our old habits that no longer serve us and build our resilience.

For more information on the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation and our range of online courses and private coaching visit: Mind Body Energy