Life can be full of all sorts of challenges that bring about stress. In my experience, one of the greatest tools that you can learn to  manage your stress and challenges is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is an integrative, mind-body based approach that helps people manage their thoughts, feelings, and overall mental health. Mindfulness is something that everyone can learn. At Mind Body Energy we offer virtual and in person mindfulness programs and coaching in the community for adults, teens and young children .

We offer Corporate Mindfulness Programs and have found that there is a direct correlation between mental health and work productivity. We have seen some fabulous results in corporate environments with our tailored corporate mindfulness programs. It can be a  wonderful tool for managing stress, preparing for important presentations, improving focus and creativity and to reduce attrition in the workplace. Because I am an ex- corporate  with twenty five years’ experience, I understand the potential stressors of corporate life. Through a personal  lived experience of cancer, I also understand  the importance of  avoiding burnout. A “mindful” approach to work and life is a wonderful approach to avoiding burnout.

One: The Benefits

Being mindful makes it easier to be fully present, fully engage with activities, and help develop resilience create a creating capacity to deal with adversity. Mindfulness can lead to improved physical and mental health. It has been proven in various studies that mindfulness can alleviate stress, reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, and help with depression and anxiety.

Two: Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness is achieved by entering a state of focused relaxation where special attention is paid to  thoughts, emotions and body sensations. You can also expand that awareness to include everything around you engaging all of your senses to include the sounds, smells, tastes and sensations throughout your day.

Three: Acceptance

The most important aspect of mindfulness practice is having the ability to accept whatever may arise in life. We are not trying to change anything; we are accepting everything as it is. Learning acceptance and trying over and over again again is a key component to achieving a “mindful state”.

Four: Change Your Perspective and Build Resilience

Mindfulness doesn’t directly change anything in your life. Instead, it simply changes your perspective on things. I find that when stressful situations arrive I am more resilient and more flexible in my thinking. I am less reactive which is a special gift, especially to the people around me.

Five: Anyone Can Do It

Anyone can benefit from mindfulness, all you need is patience and a desire to move toward self-improvement.I actually coach children from the age of four and I have had some fabulous results.I have also created a program for young children called “Zen Warriors” which is featured on Qantas in- flight entertainment via Kinderling Kid’s radio.

Corporate Mindfulness In The Workplace with Mind Body Energy

Implementing corporate mindfulness training can better prepare employees to handle stress, burnout and difficult situations. Mind Body Energy provide businesses with a wide array of resources to improve the physical, emotional and mental health of employees as well as increase productivity and lower stress. To learn more about our various customised Corporate Mindfulness Meditation and Wellness Programs and Workshops visit: