Alison Hutchens Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

If you are thinking about starting to learn Mindfulness Meditation, it is important that you are seeking out the right coach or teacher to help you get started and on the right path. I always see my job as a Mindfulness Teacher as being able to make the process of learning and practicing mindfulness easier. My goal is to help my students to fall in love with it just like I did. I liken this to my love for the French and German languages. I studied them both all through high school and at university. If it were not for my teachers and the way that they taught these beautiful languages, I would have given up. A good mindfulness teacher will understand their group and adopt a customized approach while working in the group .In my experience, they need to plan well, manage and guide a group event effectively ensuring that all personal objectives are met.

I personally think that a good Mindfulness Teacher should have the following skills:

1.Great communication skills

2.Be able to actively listen

3.Build rapport with his /her students

4.Be structured in the teachings and be able to record facts and feelings.

5.Be aware of what is happening in the room

6.Be skilled with effective questioning techniques

Here are my top tips for picking the right Meditation Teacher:

Be clear on what you want them to help you achieve. What is your objective for learning mindfulness meditation? What are your expectations and understanding of what you can achieve? Are you learning mindfulness meditation yourself or would you like to find some classes for your teenagers or children?

Mind Body Energy Offer Mindfulness Meditation private coaching, workshops, and classes for everyone: Groups or in person- adults teens and young children.

What type of support do you need? Private or group? How often do you want to connect with your teacher – weekly, fortnightly? What is their availability and accessibility?

Mind Body Energy offer private mindfulness meditation coaching in person or via Zoom. We can also deliver customised group classes

What is their vibe? Are they warm, are they trustworthy and does their vibe resonate with yours?

Mind Body Energy typically work best with people in the community who have similar values and a desire to learn. We enjoy working with people who are keen to learn new tips and tricks to manage their stress. We love working with people who want to make a genuine change in their lives.

If you are a corporate organisation looking for a Mindfulness Facilitator -Alison Hutchens is a highly experienced Mindfulness Meditation teacher with over 25 years of corporate experience as a Senior Executive around the world. She understands the challenges of corporate life. She is also a Corporate Keynote speaker.

Do people say nice things about them? Recommendations and reviews say a lot about what the person is like to work with.

You can check out our testimonials here:

Do they understand you and your requirements? Do they spend time getting to know you before assuring it is the perfect fit? If you do not like the teacher, you may not do the work. Can you relate to each other?

We always have a pre-coaching/workshop review to make sure we understand your objectives and current challenges. We also offer optional pre-course surveys for group work within corporate environments.

Have you gained inspiration or information from them and their free content?

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