Many researchers claim that a grateful attitude to life can help us manage our fears and build courage in our daily lives. Practicing gratitude at the onset of the pandemic was a challenge for many people. I think we were all a little overwhelmed with what was happening and there was the fear of the unknown.

My work changed the minute that the pandemic arrived. I found myself working virtually instead of face to face and I also had many keynote presentations cancelled. I am grateful that I have had work and that I could still connect with family and friends virtually during a pandemic. I am extremely grateful for the technology that is allowed me to support clients virtually regardless of where I have been.

Gratitude – like all emotions – is a muscle. Practicing gratitude is like going to the gym and lifting weights. The more we practice it, the stronger it gets. 

One important lesson that I have learnt is that things do not need to be perfect to practice gratitude. We all make choices every day. We choose what we focus on. Something to remember:

Where your attention goes the energy flows….

Here are some other tips of focussing your energy:

  • If we focus on what is wrong or how you have been hurt you may live as a hostage to sadness, anger, and resentment.
  • Put your attention on what you cannot control, and you will end up feeling powerless.
  • Be like my late grandmother and focus on what may or may not happen and you may be overwhelmed by worry and fear.
  • In my experience whenever I have focussed on what is positive and what is possible, I have always had a better outcome. I have found answers to questions and decision making becomes much easier. I am a much nicer person to be around.
  • I use  various mindfulness techniques to help me achieve this .If I find myself drifting off with a lot of mind wandering I soon become aware of it and bring my attention back .I am more aware of my thoughts and emotions. I am aware of the quality of my thoughts.

I found that feeling grateful helps build my courage to face whatever challenge life is presenting me.

At the end of every day before I go to sleep, I think about three things that I am grateful for and why. The same thing happens in the morning. Three things that I am grateful for. I am starting my day with a skip in my step. This way people are more likely to engage with me and it is much easier to motivate or influence others if I am in a good space myself.

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