It is true that some level of stress is good for us as it can motivate us. We actually require a minimal amount of stress to perform. There is however a different optimum level of stress for every single person. The key is to understand your own personal limits. If you are someone like me who is more efficient and productive with deadlines, then you can put yourself in those situations. However, if you’re someone who finds last-minute situations overwhelming then you should avoid them.

Important Fact: The detrimental impact of stress is determined by your perceived response to the stress.

When you perceive a situation as stressful then the stress can start to have a negative accompanying effect on your body. This can sometimes stem from emotions. Sometimes if you have a negative view of something you can also feel threatened. You activate your amygdala (part of the brain) and the chronic “stress response” becomes activated. If you perceive the same situation as a “simple challenge” or “bump in the road”, you won’t get the same pattern of increased activity in the amygdala and the natural release of cortisol which is a stress hormone. Our objective is to avoid fatigue, exhaustion, ill health, and burnout.

In our experience, Mindfulness Meditation is a brilliant tool to help manage stress. It can help you find that “inner peace”, regulate your emotions and be less reactive helping you avoid the “stress response”.

At Mind Body Energy we offer Mindfulness and Resilience Coaching to help you manage your stress. We have a variety of customizable programs that can be offered online or in person.