There is a lot of uncertainty around us now. We are all trying to find our feet in this new world. Some of us are reacting calmly and some feel completely overwhelmed by the pandemic.

The message is loud and clear. Our governments are telling us that safety is of utmost importance. Daily routines and processes at work have changed radically. Whilst we are learning to adapt to all the enforced change, we also need to be mindful of our own sense of wellbeing and the people around us.

As a leader perhaps you could also take advantage of this time to redesign things at work. You could become more “Mindful” and make sure that you are catering for the needs, aspirations, and values of your team.

Here are my 3 simple tips to achieve that:

1. Human Connection

We are all busy sharing screens and digital interaction is the new norm. There are some great efficiencies to be had however, for some people working virtually in isolation it can be hugely challenging. A good leader in this time will be mindful of how to be empathetic, make sure there is a sense of belonging in the team, stay connected and keep up the communication. The message is to make sure you address all the things that technology simply cannot do for your team.

Little things like being present face to face via the technology whilst talking rather than communicating behind your spreadsheet that you are sharing on your screen. Listen mindfully to what your team are saying. Don’t take the opportunity to become a multitask behind the slides on your screen as it is not very respectful.

2. A sense of Belonging

On the bright side these difficult times are giving us the opportunity to look inward, reflect on what truly matters, and connect with ourselves and with the people around us on a much deeper level.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”.-Sun Tsu

Remember that small gestures of kindness and connection, can have a positive effect on others. Human connection is the foundation to virtual teams functioning well. Basically, it builds the kind of trust that technology simply cannot create for us. See if you can find an extra 10 minutes to check in with your teams. Design meetings that address team uncertainty and encourage employees to attend on video so you can better read nonverbal cues and find ways to encourage calm through your body language and with your voice.

3. Take Time Out

The TV news and papers are filled with information about COVID-19 and all this could be impacting our mental health and wellbeing. Think about your team and your own personal wellbeing. Most of us are on high alert thanks to all the different social media platforms and the TV. It’s the perfect time to establish a meditation practice for your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Just as we schedule our Zoom meetings into our calendars why not schedule some time to restore and unplug? Encourage your team to do the same. A regular group Mindfulness Meditation session can be very beneficial.

We can help each other through this time of stress and uncertainty.

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