Have you ever been furious or really upset in some way at work?

What’s the best way to deal with it as it can happen to any of us at any time.?

It really all depends on our “Emotional Intelligence”.

If we can learn understand what our natural emotions are and why we are feeling them, then we can learn a lot, and this is what we call being “emotionally intelligent”. Learning to regulate our emotions can benefit ourselves and the people around us-at at work and at home. Feeling angry about things at work is also natural we just need to learn how to regulate it. It can become problematic in the workplace when people let their emotions drive their behaviour as it can sometimes get out of control. I have personally witnessed this many times in my career.

I remember years ago being humiliated by my boss unfairly in front of my subordinates and being very upset. I was crying at my desk and told by the HR manager that it was a sign of weakness. If I was in the same situation today, I would have a completely different approach. I would undoubtedly address my issue and feelings with my boss and talk about his inappropriate behaviour. If you can identify the emotions that have pushed you, you can deal with the issue in a different way.

What other things can you do with your anger at work?

I have been furious in many different situations at work and I have either taken a break, written in my journal for 10 mins or taken a walk outside and that has always helped. It has taken the edge off my anger. I have also learnt many effective mindfulness meditation techniques that help me reach that place of “calm”.

The important thing to realize is that emotional intelligence is not just restricted to mastering your anger, tears or frustrations. On the flip side, If you are a naturally happy person, you need to be mindful of how you come across in front of others.

If you are naturally happy and you can help improve the mood of your office. This is usually a good thing. You also need to be aware that it may not always be appropriate to show it.

You need to be mindful!

Some people may be going through a tough time personally or at work. They may have a mental health challenge. They may have just received some bad news.

Here is the most important thing: Emotional Intelligence (EQ): isn’t just about knowing your own emotions. It’s about reading the room as well.

The thing to remember in my experience is that a workplace culture that fosters positive ways of dealing with emotions can unify a team.

At Mind Body Energy we offer GENOS Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Mindfulness Coaching to help you get there.