For many folks, the workplace can be an extremely stressful environment.

Think about how many hours you spend at work!

Wouldn’t it be nice if work was somewhere you enjoyed going to rather than dreading it?

In my experience Mindfulness can change how we work together.

You can start with communication. Experiment with how you communicate with your co-workers. See if you can improve how you interact by being aware of what’s going on for you and the other person. Try and be mindful by being thoughtful and compassionate.

If you can do this, it will make a huge difference and you will find it much easier to be more productive and being be able to focus will be much easier. With a mindful approach you can be the very best version of yourself. This can be so rewarding when your relationships with others improve and your stress decreases.

A simple mindful moment or group mindful meditation for just a minute before a meeting can change the tone of your meeting. I call this: “a minute to arrive”

Paying attention to our feelings and thoughts is another mindful skill that is very useful at work. You will soon be able to work out your “triggers” and learn to manage how you react to things. Learning to regulate our emotions at work is such a gift to ourselves and the people around us. This can also work for you at home with your loved ones.

I recommend taking a true break during the day and switch off from the technology that surrounds us. The technology is often a temptation and we can become addicted to it. According to the scientists We know that we already have over 60,000 thoughts per day, so we don’t need to be stimulated any more than necessary.

If you are curious and serious about what Mindfulness or Mindful Leadership can do for your business contact me and I can take you on a “Mindful Journey” which can change your life.