Have you noticed that the weather is much warmer, and everyone appears to be in a better mood? Yes, it is spring which is one of my favourite times of the year.I also just realised that it is October already. Do you ever look at the calendar and wonder how could it be October or that March just seems like yesterday even though it was six months ago? Do you sometimes feel tired and you can’t understand why? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with what you need to do in the different areas of your life? Do you have an endless to -do list?

When I was working as a senior executive it felt like the weeks would zoom by and I was living from one forecast to the next. Sometimes week to week and don’t forget the quarterly reporting as well. I would allow folks to book meetings and conference calls in my diary and sometimes days would float by and I would not even venture outside. Sometimes I was in the office until late and didn’t realise what time it was. I too was living on autopilot.

A lot of corporates spend their days rushing from meeting to meeting, conference calls and on autopilot. I used to find that I was usually physically present in the room and on the “important call” but I was always thinking about the next task, my to do list and when I tried to sleep I would go over and over what had to be done in my mind. So, in fact I wasn’t present at all.

After having practised meditation for several years, I have realised that if I am completely present in meetings,the meetings are far more effective and productive. It is much easier to connect with people and on some level influence desired outcomes. If your mind is wandering off all the time it can be disrespectful and totally ineffective.

Learning to be present and becoming aware of a distracted mind and crazy thoughts is one basic thing that we teach in our Corporate Mindfulness Programs and Keynote Presentations on Living a Mindful Life.

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