When my work life and my daily self- care program were out of balance, I became very stressed and became seriously ill.I was forced to take an extended break to get well again.

The reality is that in today’s business world it is extremely difficult to maintain work/life balance.Workplaces provide amazing technology to help us get our jobs done however, this also means that we are constantly “connected”.

In my career whenever I have started new jobs and I always put a lot of energy into establishing myself. At times I worked all weekend and some very late nights.At the end of a financial year it was sometimes all night. This was not good for my health nor my relationships with loved ones.

If you have poor work-life balance for extended periods of time you can also suffer from fatigue. You can find it hard to concentrate when you are tired, and we can make sometimes make some serious mistakes when we are fatigued. We do not function at our best when we are tired. Make sure you get enough rest.!

If you are stressed this can also have a very serious impact on your life. It can affect how you interact with others; it can challenge your emotional and mental health; your immune system suffers,and you may also not sleep well.

So how do we get good work/life balance?

Firstly, its super important to manage your time. Plan your time and prioritise things at work and at home. Delegate when you can and set up some healthy boundaries. Try and leave work at work where possible. Be mindful with your technology. Eat well whenever you canand try and get enough sleep and exercise. Make sure you have some fun and relaxation time. Mindfulness Meditation can be a fabulous down time activity to help you relax and unwind. I am so passionate about Mindfulness and the benefits it can have on your overall wellbeing. Learning to be “mindful” is one of the most beautiful gifts that you a give yourself and the people around you -the people at work and at home.

Treat yourself with kindness!

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