When you are talking to people listen mindfully. This means that you give them your complete attention. You will be surprised at how much your communication will improve. They feel respected and you may learn something about the other person.

Be mindfully proactive with doing things for others without expectation of anything in return. Sometimes the little things like making a cup of tea for someone else can mean a lot to them especially if it is completely unexpected. Do your housework mindfully rather than thinking it as a terrible chore. You may end up enjoying it. When you are folding the washing for example, notice the texture of the clothes, the temperature, the colours and the patterns.

If you give a genuine compliment to the people around you it will make them feel good. A mindful SMILE always helps. When you pass a stranger in the Street greeting them with a simple” hello” may just make their day.

If you are sitting around in a group situation and you notice that someone is being left out, try to include them. Be mindful about how they may be feeling. This could make their day and it helps connect to others. I love doing this and I appreciate it when people do it for me.

Tell the people that you are close with how much they mean to you. If you do it unexpectedly and mindfully even better- Again I love it when my husband sends me a “I love you “text unexpectedly. It means the world to me.

Be mindful with your technology. If you are talking to someone while you are connected to your device, it is not very respectful. Believe it or not multi- tasking is also not very productive. We usually end up making mistakes when we are multi-tasking. When you are interacting with others try and maintain eye contact.

Try and bring some enthusiasm into your work this will make a difference to your results. If you approach your work mindfully, it can help with your creativity and give you a great sense of satisfaction.

Mindfully donate your time and energy to different causes or community initiatives to help others. When I was younger, I went to pony camp from a young age to learn how to ride horses. Once I turned 18, I then donated my time every year for 6 years to teaching kids at pony camp in my holidays. I started to teach the kids everything that I had learnt over the years. It ended up being lots of fun and was very satisfying. I love the sense of “Community “and “giving back”that these activities can create.

Check in with your friends and family members on a regular basis to see how they are going. You never know what is happening in other people’s lives. Be mindful of their emotions. They may just need a little support or someone to listen to them.

Mindfully share your resources and talents in the community. It feels good and it is a great way to interact with others. Maybe it is as simple as loaning sometime a tool from your garage or perhaps dropping some spare eggs on to your neighbour’s doorstep.

Drive mindfully. Try not to rush as it does not help. If you leave early for your destination and give your undivided attention to the road and what is happening around you (include your breath-Breathe Mindfully) you are less likely to get stressed. Be courteous to others. Offer them your seat on the train or bus. Mindfully hold a door open for a stranger. I really appreciate it when someone does this for me.

Finally, if there is a Mindful Random act of KINDNESS in your life express your GRATITUDE. Remember, if they go unnoticed that means that you weren’t very “mindful “in the first place.

Have you ever experienced a Mindful random act of KINDNESS? If so, what happened and how did it affect you?