In this short article I thought I would share with you the 5 most common excuses that I get from my clients about not being able to meditate.

1. Meditation is too hard

Yes, meditation is hard, but it is one of the most beautiful gifts that you can give yourself and the people around you. Please Persevere, be Patient and Persist (my 3 Ps) and your efforts will be rewarded. I promise!

2. I can’t sit still enough to meditate

It is O.K to be a little fidgety. It is like building up muscle at the gym. It takes time. Be gentle with yourself.

3. I don’t have time to meditate

I am aware that so many of us have very busy lives and that adding a class once a week and setting aside 15 minutes to an hour for mindfulness practice can be challenging. One thing to keep in mind is that while time may feel like a challenge adding mindfulness into our lives tends to help us prioritize and become efficient. Additionally, taking time to restore and rebalance and can give us more energy reserves to meet the demands of our very busy lives.

4. I hate being alone

These days it is not so cool to be alone. We know that by looking at how much we have embraced social media. Some of us feel the need to be “connected” around the clock. It hasn’t always been that way and meditating it is not as scary as you think. Just give it a go. Having some down time or alone time with self is good for your mind, body and energy.

5. My mind doesn’t STOP

It will over time. Don’t try and change anything. By persisting, some perseverance and patience (my 3 Ps) it will automatically slow down and you will start to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of being mindful.

More than 5 reasons why you should give Mindfulness Meditation a go:

  • When you meditate you become more mindful in your daily life.
  • You become more relaxed and a witness to your ”inner life”.
  • You can help yourself become free of constantly being affected by your “busy mind” and your judgements about certain things.
  • You become an observer of what is happening in your life rather than being caught up in the drama.
  • You can learn to consciously observe your thoughts and feelings, rather than allowing yourself to get caught up in them.

When you become conscious in this way you can start to live in the moment and not on autopilot.

With time and obviously a consistent practice you can feel a new sense of freedom, relaxation and peace.

This is a beautiful feeling and makes it all worthwhile. You can then focus on what you need to and get more enjoyment out of life.