I am a long-term meditator and I won’t claim that it hasn’t been difficult. I must also admit that there are days when I find it almost impossible to “sit”.   I always go back to my “3 Ps” who have served me well in my life: Perseverance, Persistence and Patience – something that my brother taught me when I was younger.   Because I have persevered, been persistent and extremely patient, it has paid off. I keep trying no matter what is happening in my life, and I have learnt to be very patient with myself.   Nowadays I look forward to my meditation time every morning. Sometimes I meditate multiple times in a day. Because I meditate, I now have more good days than bad days and I put this down to my “3 Ps”. When I say good days, I mean days when I have a skip in my step. A good day means that my energy has changed, I jump out of bed looking forward to the day and I get lots of things done. Things generally run smoothly throughout the day. YES, YES YES!!! Learning to meditate is one of the most beautiful gifts that you can give yourself.

I used to tell myself “I don’t have time to meditate”.

Can you relate to this? I hear it from many of my students. I simply don’t believe you. Sorry I need to be tough here. You need to prioritize it and JUST DO IT! Even if it is just for a few minutes a day. JUST DO IT! I find that if I meditate in the morning it sets up my day nicely and things just flow. This also means that unexpected things can’t get in your way.

“Meditation is too hard” is another thing that I hear all the time.

Learning to meditate is actually very simple. If you slow your breathing down, you will automatically relax.

Learning To Meditate: A Simple Meditation for Instant Calm

If you need to calm down at any time try this simple meditation, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Breathe in and count to 5
  2. Hold it and count to 2
  3. Breath out and count to 6 (Repeat)

You can even do these three steps lying down. The risk is that you may fall asleep. Just lie down, get into a comfortable position and be still. Focus on your breath and I promise you will calm down.