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Corporate Mindfulness Programs in Sydney

We offer Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience Training based on Neuroscience and Positive Psychology. Our Customised Corporate Mindfulness Workshops and Training are designed to improve mental and physical wellbeing encouraging organisations to thrive and achieve their highest potential.

For managers we can help you develop the leadership and emotional intelligence skills needed to intensify focus, manage stress, harness creativity and improve your resilience and communication skills amongst your teams.

Greater wellbeing and happiness mean better business outcomes.

Mindfulness Training Courses in Sydney

  • Introductory Corporate Mindfulness Program. These sessions are inspiring and interactive introductory sessions, either in a keynote or ½-day format, give a practical and experiential introduction to mindfulness and emotional intelligence.
  • Customised Mindfulness Training Courses for staff 4, 6 or 8 weeks in duration. (one hour per week) Our Mindfulness Training courses explore mindfulness and emotional intelligence for inspiring well-being, collaboration, high performance and leadership.
  • One- on-One Private Mindfulness Coaching (Mindful Leadership Program) or small groups.

Train the Trainer Corporate Mindfulness Program

We can train your team members to deliver Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Training to improve your organization’s focus, collaboration, and leadership. We also focus on how to integrate those skills into your corporate culture.

Mindfulness Workshops in Sydney

Mindfulness Workshops are typically One hour in duration. Introduction to Mindfulness, building your Personal Resilience, Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Developing Skills Personal effectiveness, Managing your Energy for Resilience, Sleep Workshops for Peak Performance, The Mindful Leader-Being effective and respected at the same time are some of the Mindfulness topics that we can cover. Our workshops aim towards developing and sustaining a more engaged and connected workplace.

Mindfulness Workshops


Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Designed for Corporate Professionals, Leadership Teams, Workshops and groups (25-30 people)

60 minute session covers the following:

  • What is mindfulness
  • How mindfulness can benefit all of us
  • How to integrate mindfulness into our daily lives
  • Neuroscience of Mindfulness including some examples of research that has been done

Corporate Stress Management and Mindfulness

Tailored Mindfulness Workshops

4, 6 or 8 weeks in duration, delivered in your office. Classes run weekly or fortnightly for 60-90 minutes

Designed for Corporate Professionals, Leadership Teams, workshops and groups (25-30 people) Included are pre and post workshop assessments and resources

The corporate stress management and mindfulness workshops allow you to learn powerful new skills to optimise performance, develop resilient teams and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

  • Enhance performance and productivity
  • Reduce stress and burnout
  • Reduce organisational costs
  • Reenergise your corporate culture
  • Increase attention and innovation
  • Educate employees on how to be mindful in this “digital age”
  • Decrease staff absenteeism and sick leave
  • Attract and retain quality staff
  • Enhance the reputation for your organization
  • Increase job satisfaction and morale

Mindfulness for Leaders in Challenging Times

The global pandemic is causing enormous disruption to our professional and personal lives. Now more than ever Leaders need to remain clearheaded,resilient,and compassionate to most effectively help their teams navigate the rapidly emerging new challenges, including the sudden forced shift to working from home. We have some short online Zoom sessions available where we can explore how we can employ simple Mindfulness principles and practises to strengthen our ability to lead during these uncertain times and beyond.

We will cover topics such as:

  • Managing your own stress
  • Deepening your own resilience and focus
  • Leading yourself better so you can better lead others
  • Techniques to stay connected, positive and productive
  • Cultivating passionate leadership
  • Improving your leadership presence-in person or virtually

Strengthen your capacity for compassionate listening.

Mindful Sleep Clinic

Designed for Corporate Professionals, Leadership Teams, workshops and groups (25-30 people) Included are resources. 90 minute session.

Sleep-deprived employees impact your bottom line

A recent study (by the Sleep Foundation) found that lack of sleep has become a “worldwide epidemic”; costing developed nations, including Australia, billions of dollars in lost productivity, accidents on roads and in the workplace.

Research has found that between 33 and 45 percent of Aussies have poor sleep patterns that lead to fatigue and irritability putting them at risk of low productivity, damage to their mental health and unsafe behaviours.

Tackling it will lower your company’s health care costs, boost productivity and increase profits.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of getting a good night’s sleep
  • How sleep can improve your mood
  • How to use technology mindfully before bed
  • Techniques to help your employees get a good night’s sleep

Nurture Your Resilience

  • Discover the research on the neuroscience of stress
  • Learn new skills to build deep resilience to deal with the stress of life
  • Learn how to develop a mindset that fosters success
  • Learn how to identify and leverage your strengths
  • Practical strategies and insights for developing resilience in tough times
  • Skills for thinking flexibly and being more creative
  • Learn how to protect your well-being
  • Learn to be a less stressed, more resilient and happier you

Laughter Yoga

Classes are designed for everyone and they are a fabulous team building workshop. Designed for Corporate Professionals, Leadership Teams, Workshops and groups (25-30 people)

A typical one-hour Laughter Yoga session will include a combination of the following exercises:

  • Gentle breathing and stretching
  • Playful laughter exercises that reduce inhibitions and shyness and convert simulated laughter into natural, spontaneous laughter
  • Clapping exercises
  • Deep breathing exercises that help participants regain breath after hearty laughter
  • The session usually includes 45 mins of laughter followed by 15 minutes of relaxation. (Yoga Nidra iRest)

The Mindful Sales Person

Designed for Corporate Sales Professionals, Workshops and groups (25-30 people) Included are pre and post workshop assessments and resources


  • Do some members of your sales team struggle with problems and challenges?
  • Do they find it hard to stay motivated?
  • Can they keep up with the pace and consistency of their working environment?
  • Do they sometimes lack confidence after a rejection?
  • Do they need some help understanding different buying styles?
  • Is attrition a concern for the team?
  • Do they struggle to make well informed decisions?
  • Do they find it hard to manage stress?

Try our customised Optimum Sales performance Workshop Package

Participants will learn:

  • How to lower stress
  • How to be more resilient and stay focussed
  • How to get in “the zone” and prepared for an important meeting or presentation
  • How to understand your audience be more “Emotionally Intelligent”
  • How to stay motivated
  • How to maintain work/life balance
  • Improve performance

Keynote Presentations

Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Alison’s presentation on Mindfulness is the ideal foundation for productivity and wellbeing. If you would like to learn tools to recharge, this presentation will help you flourish in your everyday life. It will help you establish better relationships, better productivity, better creativity and be the best version of yourself. Alison presents her tools and information in an entertaining, highly interactive and practical way.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Providing mental health first aid early can assist workers in returning to their usual performance quickly and avoid the problem worsening or a crisis emerging.

This course can help:

  • Equip managers & employees to recognise the signs of mental health problems early & respond appropriately.
  • Decrease stress in staff as they have more understanding and know what to do if someone is having mental health problems or a mental health crisis.
  • Create a workplace culture that promotes and understands the importance of mental health.
  • Facilitate a culture that promotes seeking help for mental illness.
  • Teach staff boundaries so they don’t get overly involved in someone’s mental health problems.
  • Give staff the knowledge to recognise if they themselves are starting to experience mental health and knowledge of the interventions available.
  • Decrease the stigma around mental illness.

The results of this are likely to be:

  • Reduce absenteeism and lost productivity.
  • Reduce number of stress leave claims.
  • Increase knowledge about the importance of mental health.
  • Decrease in staff turnover.
  • Prevent discrimination cases.

Duration: 12 hours. Course can either run over two days or four ½ day sessions



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