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I found the Mindfulness Meditation for beginners course highly beneficial. Alison, our teacher had a calm and reassuring manner and was helpful and supportive.  Her instructions were easy to follow. Her kindness and compassion made everyone in the class feel welcome and at ease. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to enhance their wellbeing.



Alison has coached me for many years. In this time Alison has coached me through a number of areas of my life, including work, study, health and fitness issues.

Alison has a very calm approach and a non-directive style which allowed me to find my own way forward with changes I wanted to make in my life. Alison’s approach was at all times positive, supportive and constructive, whilst also challenging when necessary. Her coaching style is exceedingly professional and working with Alison has been a pleasure.

I would strongly recommend Alison to anyone that wants to make a genuine change to their lives.


Rick Russo School Counsellor

St Pius X College, Chatswood (25 years’ experience in the field)

“Recently, our team of EREA (Edmund Rice Education Australia) School Counsellors and Psychologists, were treated to an opportunity to attend a “Mindfulness for Teachers’ Health,” workshop as part of our Well-Being focus for self-care.

Certainly, this workshop was a real highlight for us all, as we walked away from the session feeling more empowered and determined to implement a variety of mindfulness techniques in our local school situations. The presenter, Alison Hutchens was able to equip us all with many helpful practical styles/techniques of mindfulness strategies which we all able to take back to our own practices to assist our students’ to better deal with the stresses of being a student, particularly in a world affected by the increased use of technology and its adverse effect on mental health. Alison’s style was most engaging, and her knowledge on the topic extremely well researched.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to your next teachers’/parents’ workshop on the place of Mindfulness techniques in enhancing well-being in your school community. An outstanding presenter in every respect.”


Compass Corp

“The one hour session was informative as it offered practical tips and techniques and it was helpful as my mindbody felt refreshed and energised afterwards. Alison created a safe and secure space quickly where individuals were comfortable enough to offer up very honest and interesting feedback on their meditation activity experience.”

“I think we should do this every month”

“That was a great session. Lots of useful information and strategies too”.

“Loved it, very relevant and she was very good!”


Keynote Presentation - Business Events Sydney

“We used Alison at our staff conference for a mindfulness session first thing in the morning and she was great! She gave us a basic understanding of mindfulness training and really set us in the right mood for the rest of the day. I highly recommend Alison.”


Google Sydney Office

“Alison is an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate mindfulness expert. She worked collaboratively and patiently with our corporate group to deliver a mindfulness workshop, catered to the diverse perspectives and needs of our team. Her wealth of experience in mindfulness techniques and benefits, as well as practical tips relevant to the workplace were highly valuable. Thanks Alison!”



“For RU OK? Day on September 13 the company wanted to find a mindfulness session that walked us through the fundamentals of releasing stress.

Specifically, work related stress that can affect someone’s work & personal life, and which can have a huge impact on the culture of the office.

Alison is incredibly professional, genuine, warm, friendly and very engaging, making the session feel very relaxed and fun.

The take away mindfulness sessions have been used by the team on several occasions since Alison’s session.”


SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

“We kicked off Merlin’s Health and Safety Week today with a fantastic mindfulness session held in our beautiful Reef Theatre! This year we’re focusing on mental health and well-being at work, and this was just the perfect way to get the ball rolling, with some practical skills and tips delivered to some of our team members. Big thanks to Alison Hutchens from Mind Body Energy for such an incredible session!”


Jessica Morris HR Manager Reckon Software

“Alison taught the team techniques on mindfulness over a lunch time session as part of our wellbeing initiatives. Our employees feedback has been great. People have said they had the best sleep in a long time and the session made a very positive difference to their day. We really enjoyed the energy, tips and delivery by Alison. Great way to engage your employees and make a difference to their wellbeing.”


Keynote Presentation - Aus Contact Association

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Alison sessions which she conducted for the Aus-Contact Association of Victoria. What a wonderful experience. The way Alison conducted the session was just beautiful, her presentation and guidance was flawless. Everyone at the session came away with a sense of relaxation.”


Pinnacle Drinks

“Alison’s knowledge and calming nature make her ideally suited to Mindfulness training. The session was very interesting, insightful and beneficial; it covered very helpful techniques to help with everyday stresses and strains.”


Amy Cockerill-Wright UNIDAYS

“Over the last 3 months Alison has introduced our team to Mindfulness. Alison’s approach to our learning has been bespoke and she has presented us with a range of different techniques to help us all be a little more mindful. Thank you, Alison.”


Office of Chemical Safety

“Alison met and exceeded our requirements for workplace meditation. Her calming voice and demeanour provided a relaxing environment for my colleagues and myself. We particularly appreciated her practical and interactive explanations on mind and meditation throughout the session as it enabled us to understand ourselves, and the purposes and effects of our meditation. We will be arranging further workplace meditation sessions with Alison!”


Smaart Recruitment Melbourne Office

“Alison was an excellent presenter who was very effective in engaging a diverse audience. She was able to communicate in a calm but entertaining way and we feel we have and will benefit hugely from her mindfulness techniques and insights.”


SWAAB Attorneys Mary Digiglio - Partner

“We like seeing our people ‘thrive,’ day in, day out – both professionally and personally. This spirit brought our in-house ‘thrive’ program – an 8-week mindfulness- based stress reduction program. Delivered over 3 months, David Flakelar and Alison Hutchens taught participants how to proactively manage their psychological well-being, improve focus and performance and build better relationships. Participants also gained a new appreciation for meditation and a deeper understanding of the mind and its relationship with the body. I’m so pleased to see evidence of the impact it is having on our staff, who discuss the techniques they have learned to take a break, or clear their mind, or gain some perspective and to enjoy “quiet time”. The feedback was so awesome we introduced a second program to involve more staff!”


SWAAB Attorneys Branka Macura

“I worked with Alison and her business partner David to design ‘thrive’ an 8week mindfulness- based stress reduction program which was facilitated for us in-house. Both Alison and David delivered an excellent program for our people and clearly demonstrated their expertise in both a knowledgeable and compassionate way. Our participants were taught how to proactively manage their psychological wellbeing, improve focus and performance and build better relationships. They also gained a new appreciation for meditation and a deeper understanding of the mind and its relationship with the body. We are very proud of this program. Both Alison and David have helped our people to keeping ‘thriving’ both professionally and personally.”



“Our group of work colleagues loved our Laughter Yoga virtual session with Alison on R U OK? Day 2020! It was a very enjoyable session which provided a great opportunity to try something different, let off some steam and connect with our colleagues.”


Hello Fresh

“’We engaged Alison to hold a ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ session for all staff that could attend virtually, and it was very well received. Everyone enjoyed taking an hour away from work to focus on themselves and learn some techniques to utilise in the future.”


NSW 2061

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