Sleep can help you with mindfulness.

Mindfulness Meditation is so powerful, and I think that we all want to be more mindful.

There are so many benefits of mindfulness:

  • It is so helpful in managing stress
  • It can increase emotional intelligence
  • It can improve emotional regulation
  • Mindfulness can help you become more empathetic
  • Improve your physical well being
  • Increase your resilience
  • It can improve your collaboration, creativity, and ability to focus

Research suggests that a little extra sleep can help you be more “mindful”.

Despite being very diligent and meditating every day, some of us still struggle to find that beautiful place of “inner peace” and awareness exists within all of us.

 According to recent research from the University of South Florida, sleep is important when it comes to mindfulness. It may be the key to accessing that “Inner peace”. The study suggests that a little extra sleep of 29 minutes exactly is enough to increase participants’ capacity for mindfulness the next day.

“Researchers tracked sleep patterns and measured the degree mindfulness of 614 nurses for two weeks looking for any correlation and connection between the two. They found that a good night sleep can improve mindfulness. Nurses who had a better night’s sleep reported greater mindful attention during the next day. (Source: the journal Sleep Health)

I have found the same thing in my own mindfulness practice. If I do not get enough sleep, I sometimes struggle in my own mindfulness practice. Sometimes I nod off to sleep. I believe if you are tired then the best thing to do is to sleep.

Sleep and mindfulness are both important on our overall well-being.

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