We find ourselves in extremely challenging times. Our health is under threat. Every day we wake up and there is a new headline and a major change that we need to process. The workplace, the economy, the food in the supermarket, schools, transport, the stock market, cancelled events and new announcements from the government. The coronavirus pandemic presents unprecedented challenges for many of us.

5 Simple “Mindful”things to do to help you along during this journey of uncertainty:

1/Find your own personal space. Many of us have been asked to self-isolate and to stay at home as much as possible. Adapting to all the restrictions can be a challenge. If possible, find a private space of your own that you can retreat to relax in and to settle your mind. Maybe you can work in this space or of you are a meditator this is the space for you. Mindfulness Meditation in times like this can really help.

2/Grab a Journal. If you are not a meditator and you find that your emotions are spinning out of control, try and express yourself on paper. This is another form of meditation and helps download some of those crazy thoughts that appear from nowhere and sometimes send us off on tangents or may keep us awake at night. Researchers in the field of Mindfulness claim that by identifying how we feel – or labelling our emotions– can help us remain calmer. When we are calm, we can then see things differently and make better informed decisions in our lives.

3/Mindful Breathing These days so many of us are so busy just “doing life” and we have forgotten how to do simple things like paying attention to the natural rhythm of your own breathing.  Start by feeling your breath…. If your mind begins to wander come back to feeling the breath again. Experiment with this for 1minute and increase it every day if you can. This is a simple Mindful re-fresh and re-focus exercise that can really help.

4/Interact with Other People. Studies show that even small interactions with others can improve our moods and functioning. We need to stick to the rules about social distancing but see if you can have a brief chat with a friend or your neighbour. Try and use tools like skype or zoom to connect with others.

5/Self-CareMake sure you have a self-care program. What does that look like for you? Maybe you need to get some exercise, eat good healthy food and sleep well.Nurturing yourself is important during difficult times.

Most importantly, be KIND to yourself as you learn to adapt to this brave new world and take your journey one step at a time. If you need some assistance and would like to get serious about develop a Mindfulness Practice during these challenging times contact me.

We have the technology to work with you and your family (adults and kids online).