Research into Emotional Intelligence has shown that there is a strong relationship between being Emotionally Intelligent and strong Sales Performance. In my experience people buy from people and people naturally function better when they are happy.

Ask yourself: Do you perform better when you’re happy, or unhappy?

One of the great things about being emotionally intelligent is that it increases our ability to empathise. This can then help us understand things from our customers perspective.

Here are 3 simple tips to develop your Emotional Intelligence:

#1: Your physical and mental health is of utmost importance

Your emotions are influenced by exercise, sleep, and nutrition. You can’t function optimally when you have McDonalds for every meal and sit on the couch and binge with Netflix. Remember that your emotional and physical energy levels will directly influence your performance and your overall happiness.

#2: Practice Mindfulness Meditation daily

Trust me it works!

Emotional intelligence begins with understanding your own feelings. By practicing mindfulness on a regular basis, you will be able to regulate and become more aware your emotional patterns. You will be able to think before you “react” which is very useful in many situations. Just 10 mins /per day can make a huge difference.

#3:Developing Emotional Insights

There is less and less direct human contact in the business world for various reasons. That coupled with time pressures, competitors and an ever-changing group of people with whom you need to interact, makes the entire sales process even more difficult.

 Human interaction is of utmost importance.

Each of our business interactions need to be conducted free of misunderstanding. Try and engage with people in person rather than online. Knowledge about emotions can provide us with lots of insights:

  • Awareness of emotions are necessary for good decision making
  • Emotions contain a lot of information
  • Emotional awareness enables us to develop a perspective shift and this may help you in your sales cycle.

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